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Cake Smash In The Woods

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

There are three things in this world that when combined create the perfect recipe for an unforgettable One Year Cake Smash Portrait Session. The first is of course God's gift to us, nature. Walking in the woods, the feeling of twigs snapping beneath your toes, and the fresh fragrance of earth and pine bring back memories of childhood imagination. In that instant, you are right back in your innocent mind...right back to the place that made you, you. The second, is something that creates "warm fuzzies" inside and makes all of our senses overwhelm with delight...cake. This simple treat has been a delicious symbol and reminder of each passing year and the beautiful memories created. We only get "ONE" 1st Birthday and documenting this amazing and monumental time for a new little person is one of my most favorite events to photograph. The last and most important element of this photographic recipe is truly a masterpiece from God. It's something that you love more than life itself, something that has brought more meaning and joy to your life than you could ever imagine, something that gives you a greater purpose...that tiny little child in your arms. There is only one thing that's absolute in this life and that is the love and innocence of a child. When those little arms are wrapped tightly around your neck, inhale the sweet aroma of dirt and cookies and YOUR baby. It's in these moments, those sweet, precious moments that these tiny humans can and DO heal our souls. As a mother of two precious girls, I can honestly say they grow too fast. Hold on to these moments, photograph each and EVERY one of them, and love with everything in you. In return you will have created one amazing, beautiful little being that will be a monumental asset to our entire human race. Teach love, give love, receive love. 

Introducing one of my all time favorite portrait sessions, Miss Avery's Once Year Cake Smash. This adorable blue eyed beauty is almost 3 years old now. 

Every little girl deserves to be a princess for a day. 

 Capture the fine details, the ones that really matter. 

What an amazing day for Miss Avery and an even more amazing 1st Birthday! Photographing these special moments is something I will never forget and am truly grateful for. 

Thank you for taking time to read this blog post. There will be lots more to come. 

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