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What is an heirloom? For some of you it may be a locket worn by your grandmother, an old tattered photo of your great uncle who served in the world war, or even a hand written letter on paper that now resembles the color of a café latte. We can all relate to the feeling you get when opening your "special box" and are greeted with the musky aroma of your most precious treasures. You are gifted with being able to hold and touch something that has been worn or written on or held by the people you love the most. In 20, 30, or even 50 years from now, do you really believe your children or grandchildren will hold dear to their hearts an obsolete USB drive? The answer is no. That's to say that these little storage devices we use today even hold up and aren't broken. 

I feel in my heart and soul, that beautiful heirlooms should still exist and be created in this world of digital EVERYTHING and mass production. My clients are able to purchase a gorgeous, hand crafted, custom designed, GENUINE Italian Leather Album that is theirs to pass down generation after generation. It smells like heaven, it feels like silk, and you will have something to give your children or grandchildren that was personally created just for them. It's something that was touched by you and fostered many smiles and laughter year after year. This album is something that can be passed around during family functions or when your best friends come to visit. You can easily share the pride and love  you have for your family, your teenager who's growing up too fast, or that sweet and darling newborn who's little features have already changed so much. 

If you get anything out of this passage today, I hope it's that you now have the desire to print your pictures. Order albums, photo books, or prints to put in a special box, because that little USB drive won't last forever, but these things will. I designed this album for me. This is my heirloom of my babies that I treasure until the end of time. 

Each album is designed by me (Leslie Q Photography) of New Carlisle, IN

and is hand made with Italian Leather right here in our beautiful USA.

Each spread is layflat so there is no loss of images in the creases.

As a little icing on the cake each album comes with a gorgeous charcoal colored linen box to store and preserve your album .

Northern Indiana Photographer | Midwest Photographer

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