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Tips for Booking Your High School Senior Photography Session

Congratulations almost grad! High School Graduation is right around the corner!

senior portraits, Leslie Q Photography

Believe it or not, February is here! I know, right?! How did this happen already? You (or your parents) have probably already made preparations for your graduation. Time waits for no one and with a laundry list of things to do before your big day, preparing for senior portraits should be fun and easy. I know, I know, it's one more thing on your checklist to do, but believe me (a true procrastinator), it's better to book MONTHS in advance, or even a year ahead. That being said, DON'T panic. If you're one of the few (like me) who waits until it's crunch time to get busy, it's okay. You still have a few months until graduation day and the time to book your senior portrait session is now. Yes, it's cold here in the Midwestern state of Indiana, but Spring is right around the corner. And guess what? Spring is one of my FAVORITE seasons for taking portrait sessions. Everything is just beginning to come to life. Flowers and trees are starting to bud, fresh grass is sprouting from the earth, and my favorite...wait for it)...our little feathery friends have yet again made their debut from last winters migration. I can't think of a better way to symbolize your new beginning in life, by documenting this once in a life time moment.

senior portraits, Leslie Q Photography

High School Graduation. You've worked so very hard and have achieved so much you deserve this! Treat yourself to a professional portrait session. I can promise you this, in years to come when you have a family of your own, when you've accomplished your goals and dreams (whatever they may be), you can look back on this time in your life and have no regrets because you captured this moment. You will have physical proof that you started right here, in this exact moment. Without further ado, this checklist is here to help you prepare, plan, and book your portrait session hassle free, with plenty of time to spare. Why shouldn't it be easy AND fun?!


Book the Right Senior Portrait Session for YOU

senior portraits, Leslie Q Photography

1) Choose a season and location you LOVE for portraits.

-If you love the beach, warmth, and pastels, summer is for you.

-If you love the beautiful autumn colors and sweater weather, fall is for you.

-If you love bundling up in your favorite plaids and tall boots and appreciate the beauty of fresh- fallen snow, winter is for you.

-If you love fresh flowers, budding trees, and your favorite pair of jeans, spring is for you. (Or if you're running out of time this might be your only choice)

2) Book in advance!! Senior sessions book out MONTHS in advance. Schedule your professional High School Senior Portrait Session 6-12 months BEFORE your graduation date. 3 months before TOPS! You'll want to include your pictures in your graduation announcements and party invites.

3) Choose clothing that you love to wear.


*Make sure your color palettes are consistent.

*No bulky logos or brand names. Believe me, you'll thank me in 10 years.

*IRON IT! That's right, you can do it. Blow the dust off that bad boy, break out the spray starch, and go to town. You'll be so glad you did.

*Flowers or stripes, not both. If you're going to choose a pattern make it your statement piece and choose solids to complement it.

*BE YOU! You are you, and there is nothing more spectacular than that.

4) Bring a few props and posing ideas to show your photographer. We LOVE ideas and things to work with. NOTE: Just a few though, clean, simple pictures will draw the viewers eyes to you, not a gazillion props. Soccer balls, baseball gear, basketballs, pompoms, or musical instruments are all great prop ideas. Accessories such as; hats, scarves, and jackets can change the look of a photo in an instant.

5) If your session is outdoors, bring bug spray. There is nothing worse than trying to pose while mosquitoes are buzzing around your head.

6) HYDRATE! Bring water (one must hydrate and we do a LOT of walking) and maybe a light snack, and a comb and/or makeup you might need to touch up.

7) Ladies, treat yourself to professional hair and makeup, you'll love it! If you're like me and prefer a more natural look, just wear the basics. A good under eye concealer helps with dark circles or acne, a matte foundation will hide any shiny skin (especially on those warm days), and a dark mascara will all help the camera to capture your gorgeous features.

TIP: Professional hair and makeup are a fun treat and can really give your pictures that extra sparkle you're looking for. Believe it or not, a good foundation can hide those pesky little imperfections (large pores, acne, etc) and create an "airbrushed" effect.

8) Have FUN! This should probably be number one, but I think this will be a good closure to this list. It is my job as your photographer to get you to open up and just be you while capturing your true essence in a photograph. This is my FAVORITE part of what I do. When I'm with my clients, I tell goofy stories (usually at my expense), we laugh, and by the end of the session were besties. Well, maybe not besties, but at least good friends. That's what life's all about, making people smile.

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senior portraits, Leslie Q Photography

senior portraits, Leslie Q Photography

senior portraits, Leslie Q Photography

senior portraits, Leslie Q Photography

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