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What to Wear for Spring Pictures

With Spring Mini Sessions coming up, I wanted to chat about a VERY important question I always get from clients who are preparing for family photos. "What should we wear?" Okay, we all love Pinterest, I know I do, but it can be so overwhelming. Not to mention you pin about 1,000 outfit combo and color ideas and then don't know where to start. Good news friends! I'm here to help. As a photographer, it's super important that I understand color theory and how colors, textures, and color tones work together in portraits. Therefore, I feel it is my duty to help my clients along the way and give them some easy to use and relevant tips on what to wear for spring time family photos. So, lets get started!

Pro Tips: What to Wear for Family Photos

1) Choose clothing in the same color tone family. You can totally get creative here. What color tones appeal to you? I tend to love softer tones, they photograph beautifully. Here's some color options; beiges and creams, grays with cream and white, and soft blush with hints of cream and denim accents. The possibilities are endless, these are just a few.

2) Keep patterns to a minimal. Complement patterns by adding in solid colors, simple is usually better.

3) Layers can create beautiful texture to your images. Think; hats, scarves, shawls, jackets, sweaters, etc.

4) Choose a color palette that fits in with your home decor. This is super important. Just like picking out curtains or a couch, you want to make sure the color tones, style, and texture of your wardrobe match the style of your home decor. This creates a stunning, cohesive, and warm living space filled with photographic artwork of your loved ones.

5) Iron or steam your clothes. Guys, no one likes wrinkles and you WILL see them in your images. If I were to remove every wrinkle out of a family shoot with photoshop, it would take me months and I'd probably go insane in the process LOL!

**PRO TIP: bring button down shirts, dresses, etc on a hanger and change into them at your session location.**

6) Mix it up! Mix up different clothing items such as; skirts, pants, button down shirts, polos, and dresses. For example, if all of the boys are in pants and button down shirts, adding in a dress for a little girl, and maybe a skirt for mom, and dad in a polo would create some variation and visual interest to your portraits.

7) Avoid wearing super matchy outfits. Now, there are definitely times when this rule can most definitely be broken. If a particular pattern, logo, or theme is important to you, then by all means go for it!

8) BE YOU! If you don't like these rules, then break them! Ultimately, it's your photoshoot, your images, and by gosh it's your investment. These tips are not iron clad, but simply guidelines. If you choose not to follow them, guess what? I think you're awesome either way! Now, here's the fun part...GO SHOPPING!

If you'd like to check out my Pinterest board for more ideas click HERE

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